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Nonlinear response of silicon photonic crystal microresonators excited via an integrated waveguide and fiber taper.
A technique is demonstrated which efficiently transfers light between a tapered standard single-mode optical fiber and a high-Q, ultra-small mode volume, silicon photonic crystal resonant cavity, using this efficient cavity input and output channel to study the steady-state nonlinear absorption and dispersion of the photonics crystal cavity.
Rayleigh scattering, mode coupling, and optical loss in silicon microdisks
High refractive index contrast optical microdisk resonators fabricated from silicon-on-insulator wafers are studied using an external silica fiber taper waveguide as a wafer-scale optical probe.
Nanoscale optical positioning of single quantum dots for bright and pure single-photon emission
A photoluminescence imaging approach for locating single QDs with respect to alignment features with an average position uncertainty <30 nm with low multiphoton probability is presented, which represents an enabling technology for the creation of optimized single QD devices.
Cavity Q, mode volume, and lasing threshold in small diameter AlGaAs microdisks with embedded quantum dots.
Finite element method simulations of standing wave modes within the microdisk reveal that Veff can be as small as 2(lambda/n)(3) while maintaining radiation-limited Qs in excess of 10(5), and out-coupling of the laser emission is significantly enhanced through the use of optical fiber tapers.
Optical loss and lasing characteristics of high-quality-factor AlGaAs microdisk resonators with embedded quantum dots
Optical characterization of AlGaAs microdisk resonant cavities with a quantum dot active region is presented. Direct passive measurement of the optical loss within AlGaAs microdisk resonant
Fabrication of high-quality-factor photonic crystal microcavities in InAsP/InGaAsP membranes
Optical fiber taper waveguides are used to improve the efficiency of room temperature photoluminescence measurements of AlGaAs microdisk resonant cavities with embedded self-assembled InAs quantum
An optical-frequency synthesizer using integrated photonics
Any application of an optical-frequency source could benefit from the high-precision optical synthesis presented here, and leveraging high-volume semiconductor processing built around advanced materials could allow such low-cost, low-power and compact integrated-photonics devices to be widely used.
Spectral line-by-line pulse shaping of an on-chip microresonator frequency comb
We report spectral phase characterization and optical arbitrary waveform generation of on-chip microresonator combs. Random relative frequency shifts due to uncorrelated variations of frequency
Coherent coupling between radio frequency, optical, and acoustic waves in piezo-optomechanical circuits.
An acoustic wave interference effect, similar to atomic coherent population trapping, is demonstrated, in which RF-driven coherent mechanical motion is cancelled by optically-driven motion.
Efficient and low-noise single-photon-level frequency conversion interfaces using silicon nanophotonics
Ultralow-noise frequency conversion within the 980-nm band and between the 980-nm and 1,550-nm bands occurs through Bragg scattering in Si3N4 microring resonators. The maximum conversion efficiencies