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The age composition of the threadfin bream, Nemipterus japonicus, landed by trawlers at the Visakhapatnam fishing harbour during 1977-79 has been determined based on the scale and length-frequencyExpand
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Geospatial assessment of Coral and Mangrove Environs of the Andaman Islands
An archipelago island system of Andaman is consisting of several hundreds of islands. The coastal environs of these islands are rich in bio-diversity. Most of the islands rimed with fringing coralsExpand
Optimization of Fish Hydrolysate Preparation and its Effect on Growth and Feed Utilization of Magur (Clarias batrachus)
This study provides information on the use of fish hydrolysate as an alternative protein source for magur feeding. Two diets (40% protein) were prepared where fish meal protein was replaced at levelsExpand
Heavy infection of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis in striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, Sauvage 1878) and its treatment trial by different therapeutic agents in a control environment
ABSTRACT Striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) fingerlings were stocked (60 fishes/m3) in cemented square tanks for ornamental fishery purposes at the College Fish Farm in Mangalore. A totalExpand
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limate change impacts and potential benefits of drought and heat olerance in chickpea in South Asia and East Africa
Using CROPGRO-Chickpea model (revised version), we investigated the impacts of climate change on the productivity of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) at selected sites in South Asia (Hisar, Indore andExpand
Potential benefits of drought and heat tolerance and yield enhancing traits in Sorghum with climate change at selected sites in India and West, Socioeconomics Discussion Paper Series Number 4
Climate change will alter growing conditions of sorghum crop in semi-arid tropical areas of the world. This will require developing high yielding cultivars that are able to perform better underExpand