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‘Mine’s a Pint of Bitter’: Performativity, gender, class and representations of authenticity in real-ale tourism
Leisure choices are expressive of individual agency around the maintenance of taste, boundaries, identity and community. This research article is part of a wider project designed to assess the social
Managing and Monitoring Equality and Diversity in UK Sport
Despite greater attention to racial equality in sport in recent years, the progress of national sports organizations toward creating equality of outcomes has been limited in the United Kingdom. The
Whiteness and Leisure
1. Thinking about the Problem 2. Theories of 'Race' and Whiteness 3. Studies of Whiteness in Leisure Studies 4. A New Theory of Whiteness 5. Whiteness and Popular Culture 6. Whiteness and Music 7.
Introduction to the special issue: Music and Tourism
Music, in various styles and permutations – instrumental and vocal, solo or group, amplified or acoustic, formats – live and recorded, performances and venues, is a near universal and ubiquitous
Digital Leisure, the Internet and Popular Culture: Communities and Identities in a Digital Age
1. Introduction 2. A Brief History of Leisure and the Net 3. Leisure Studies and the Problem of the Net 4. Net Theory and Digital Leisure 5. A Theory of Digital Leisure 6. Identity Making and Social
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail: myths of scientific racism and the pursuit of excellence in sport
Despite the continuing publication of research that suggests there is no scientific basis to ‘race’ as a biological category, theories of racial difference continue to be invoked within sport to
Whiteness, Blackness and Settlement: Leisure and the Integration of New Migrants
At times of economic uncertainty the position of new migrants is subject to ever closer scrutiny. While the main focus of attention tends to be on the world of employment the research on which this