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Portfolio approaches to procurement
Abstract Portfolio models have been used in strategic planning and marketing, but their application to the field of purchasing has been limited. This seems, however, to be changing, as procurementExpand
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Organising Knowledge Management and Dissemination in New Product Development: Lessons from 12 Global Corporations
New Product Development is one of the most knowledge intensive processes in business and is itself constantly creating new knowledge. As NPD relies heavily on collaboration within cross-functionalExpand
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Use and impact of performance measurement results in R&D and NPD: an exploratory study
Performance measurement of R&D and new product development (NPD) activities is gaining increased importance, because the effectiveness and efficiency of these activities not only determine a firm'sExpand
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An Integrated Methodology for Putting the Balanced Scorecard into Action
We develop a compact and integrated methodological framework for Balanced Scorecard (BSC) synthesis and implementation. The proposed methodology capitalizes on existing knowledge, while incorporatingExpand
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Knowledge effectiveness, social context and innovation
We empirically test the role that context plays in the transfer of actionable knowledge, and, in turn, for innovation. Expand
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Competency management in support of organisational change
Purpose – Competitive advantage depends largely on the ability to activate and use organisational resources. As a result, the focus in the strategic management, organisational behaviour and humanExpand
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Black Box Engineering: Redefining the Role of Product Specifications
Abstract Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in numerous industries recognize the benefits of involving their suppliers in the product design process. Specifications play a central role inExpand
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Managing innovation in SMEs: a comparison of companies in the UK, France and Portugal
Innovation within small and medium–sized companies has become a subject of much interest. Competitive pressures and globalisation have provided the impetus for innovation. In this paper particularExpand
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From task‐based to competency‐based
Purpose – Organizational effectiveness today depends largely on the ability to activate, share and transform the intellectual capital of the company into sustainable and difficult‐to‐imitateExpand
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Managing Innovation in French Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Intense competition in the marketplace is forcing organizations to examine the different ways by which they could enhance or retain their competitive advantage. Several organizations have generatedExpand
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