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Application of selected speech-signal characteristics to emotion recognition in Polish language
The following paper reports a research on examining various speech signal features for the purpose of emotion classification in the spoken Polish language. The main objective of the research is toExpand
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Emotion recognition in speech signal using emotion-extracting binary decision trees
The presented paper is concerned with emotion recognition based on speech signal. Two novel elements introduced in the method are an introduction of novel set of emotional speech descriptors and anExpand
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Low-dimensional feature space derivation for emotion recognition
An objective of the paper was to determine a set of lowdimensional feature spaces that provide high emotion recognition rates. Candidates for target feature spaces were randomly drawn from a broadExpand
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Emotion Recognition with Poincare Mapping of Voiced-Speech Segments of Utterances
The following paper introduces a set of novel descriptors of emotional speech, which allows for a significant increase in emotion classification performance. The proposed characteristics -Expand
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Parallel Implementation of Elastic Grid Matching Using Cellular Neural Networks
The following paper presents a method that allows for a parallel implementation of the most computationally expensive element of the deformable template paradigm, which is a grid-matching procedure.Expand
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Application of Poincare-Mapping of Voiced-Speech Segments for Emotion Sensing
The following paper introduces a group of novel speech-signal descriptors that reflect phoneme-pronunciation variability and that can be considered as potentially useful features for emotion sensing.Expand
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Hybrid no-propagation learning for multilayer neural networks
Abstract A hybrid learning algorithm suitable for hardware implementation of multi-layer neural networks is proposed. Though backpropagation is a powerful learning method for multilayer neuralExpand
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Determination of cellular neural networks parameters for feature detection of two-dimensional images
  • K. Slot
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Workshop on Cellular Neural…
  • 16 December 1990
Issues involved in cellular neural net design are discussed, and recommendations are made for parameter choice. Inherent errors of detection are pointed out and a method for their reduction isExpand
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Accurate Natural Trail Detection Using a Combination of a Deep Neural Network and Dynamic Programming
This paper presents a vision sensor-based solution to the challenging problem of detecting and following trails in highly unstructured natural environments like forests, rural areas and mountains,Expand
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Texture Generation Using Cellular Neural Networks
The following paper introduces an application of Cellular Neural Networks for the generation of predetermined stochastic textures. The key element for the task realization is an appropriate selectionExpand
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