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Controls of spatial and temporal variability in CH4 flux in a high arctic fen over three years
The aim of this study was to establish the main drivers of the spatial variability in growing season CH4 flux within an arctic wetland ecosystem. During 3 years (2011–2013) we measured CH4 flux andExpand
Deltas, freshwater discharge, and waves along the Young Sound, NE Greenland
A wide range of delta morphologies occurs along the fringes of the Young Sound in Northeast Greenland due to spatial heterogeneity of delta regimes. In general, the delta regime is related toExpand
Spatiotemporal snowmelt patterns within a high Arctic landscape, with implications for flora and fauna
ABSTRACT Snow conditions are important drivers of the distribution and phenology of Arctic flora and fauna, but the extent and effects of local variation in snowmelt are still inadequately studied.Expand
Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Seasonal Snow Cover in Northeast Greenland from in Situ Observations
ABSTRACT In this study, we quantified the spatiotemporal variability and trends in observations of multiple snow characteristics in High Arctic Zackenberg in Northeast Greenland through 18 years.Expand
Towards quantifying the glacial runoff signal in the freshwater input to Tyrolerfjord–Young Sound, NE Greenland
Terrestrial freshwater runoff strongly influences physical and biogeochemical processes at the fjord scale and can have global impacts when considered at the Greenland scale. We investigate theExpand
Toward a statistical description of methane emissions from arctic wetlands
Methane (CH4) emissions from arctic tundra typically follow relations with soil temperature and water table depth, but these process-based descriptions can be difficult to apply to areas where noExpand
Suspended sediment in a high-Arctic river: An appraisal of flux estimation methods.
Quantifying fluxes of water, sediment and dissolved compounds through Arctic rivers is important for linking the glacial, terrestrial and marine ecosystems and to quantify the impact of a warmingExpand
Multi-year data-model evaluation reveals the importance of nutrient availability over climate in arctic ecosystem C dynamics
Arctic tundra is a globally important store for carbon (C). However, there is a lack of reference sites characterising C exchange dynamics across annual cycles. Based on the Greenland EcosystemExpand
Comment on tc-2021-78 Anonymous Referee # 3 Referee comment on " Sentinel-1 time series for mapping snow cover and timing of snowmelt in Arctic periglacial environments : Case study from the
The paper presents interesting findings on the behavior of C-band SAR backscatter during snowmelt over a region in northeast Greenland, introduces a novel algorithm to map snow cover and validatesExpand