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Analysis of self-sensing active magnetic bearings working on inductance measurement principle
In this paper, the inductance-sensing method is discussed, its basics are derived, and a test-signal injection method to implement this scheme is presented, and it is concluded that the scheme proposed saves complicated and costly hard/softwares for its implementation.
A PZT micro-actuated suspension for high TPI hard disk servo systems
A piezoelectrically actuated suspension for high TPI (tracks per inch) hard disk drives is presented. Two reinforced piezoelectric microactuators, placed in parallel between the base plate and the
Low-stiction magnetic bearing for satellite application
In this article, the design and development of a low-stiction two-axis-active magnetic bearing used in the reaction wheel of a remote sensing satellite is presented. Conventional design of the
Interpolymer complexation of poly(acrylic acid) and polyacrylamide: structural and dynamic studies by solution- and solid-state NMR
Understanding the structure and dynamics of intermacromolecular complexes is of interest because of the occurrence of such structures in many systems of biological importance. Interpolymeric
Fluorescence and viscometry study of complexation of poly(acrylic acid) with poly(acrylamide) and hydrolysed poly(acrylamide)
Interpolymer complexation of poly(acrylic acid) with poly(acrylamide) and hydrolysed poly(acrylamide) was studied by fluorescence spectroscopy and viscometry in dilute aqueous solutions. Changes in
Photosynthetic pigments of benthic microflora in Cochin estuary
Estimation of photosynthetic pigments of benthic microflora inhabiting the Cochin estuary was carried out. Their quantitative abundance and physiological state in polluted and unpolluted areas were