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Functionalization of nanocrystalline cellulose for decontamination of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) from aqueous system: computational modeling approach
The present study reports the preparation of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) with further reinforcement using succination and amination to observe the unexploited sorption efficiency of chromium fromExpand
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Functionalized nanocrystalline cellulose: Smart biosorbent for decontamination of arsenic
Abstract This study explored the adsorption capacity of diethylene triamine grafted dialdehyde nanocrystalline cellulose (DETA-g-DA-NCC) for As (III and V) removal from aqueous solution.Expand
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Shock-wave processing of C60 in hydrogen
Context. Interstellar carbonaceous particles and molecules are subject to intense shocks in astrophysical environments. Shocks induce a rapid raise in temperature and density which strongly affectsExpand
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Synthesis and structural features of organo Si(IV) imine complexes
Abstract Complexes of the general formula, Me2SiL2 (where, LH = semi- and thiosemicarbazones) have been prepared by reacting dimethylsilicondichloride with the ligand in a 1 : 2 (metalloid : ligand)Expand
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An Improved Shape Memory Alloy Actuator for Rotor Blade Tracking
The design, analysis, and testing of an improved Shape Memory Alloy (SMA)-based tracking tab actuator is described in this paper. The goal of the actuator is to provide in-flight tracking capabilityExpand
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Dermatomic distributions of hypopigmented macular lesions of leprosy: neural dependence of melanocytic functions
Dermatomic analysis of the distribution of the hypopigmented patches of leprosy has revealed a pattern wherein patches are most frequent in dermatomes of the brachial plexus, decrease gradually inExpand
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Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of R2CuTiO6 Compounds (R=Y, La, Pr and Nd)
Magnetic and dielectric properties of the double perovskite compounds of the type R2CuTiO6 (RCTO, where R=Y, La, Pr and Nd) has been studied. Y2CuTiO6 (YCTO) crystallizes in a hexagonal unit cell,Expand
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Magnetic and magnetodielectric coupling anomalies in the Haldane spin-chain system Nd2BaNiO5
We report the magnetic, heat-capacity, dielectric and magnetodielectric (MDE) behaviour of a Haldane spin-chain compound containing light rare-earth ion, Nd2BaNiO5, in detail, as a function ofExpand
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Steps towards green manufacturing through EDM process: A review
Abstract This paper focuses on the current machining process initiatives, carried out by various researchers relevant to the environmental aspects, thereafter predicting EDM performances. electricalExpand
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