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Stress Preconditioning of Spreading Depression in the Locust CNS
Cortical spreading depression (CSD) is closely associated with important pathologies including stroke, seizures and migraine. The mechanisms underlying SD in its various forms are still incompletelyExpand
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Mating enhances parasite resistance in the cricket Gryllus texensis
Reproduction and immunity are both costly functions, and therefore, there may be selection pressures for animals to trade-off one against the other to maximize reproductive success. We tested whetherExpand
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Octopamine Mediates Thermal Preconditioning of the Locust Ventilatory Central Pattern Generator via a cAMP/Protein Kinase A Signaling Pathway
We investigated the role of biogenic amines in generating thermoprotection of the ventilatory motor pattern circuitry in Locusta migratoria. Levels of octopamine (OA) and dopamine (DA) in theExpand
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Exposure to heat shock affects thermosensitivity of the locust flight system.
The natural habitat of the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria, is likely to result in locusts being heat stressed during their normal adult life. It is known that locusts exhibit a heat-shockExpand
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Stress-induced thermotolerance of ventilatory motor pattern generation in the locust, Locusta migratoria.
Ventilation is a crucial motor activity that provides organisms with an adequate circulation of respiratory gases. For animals that exist in harsh environments, an important goal is to protectExpand
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Protein expression following heat shock in the nervous system of Locusta migratoria.
There is a thermal range for the operation of neural circuits beyond which nervous system function is compromised. Locusta migratoria is native to the semiarid regions of the world and provides anExpand
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Egg-laying behaviour following infection in the cricket Gryllus texensis
To maximize fitness, the rate of offspring production should be sensitive to factors that predict the likelihood of parental survival. We predicted that acutely activating the immune system in the ...
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Flight motor patterns of locusts responding to thermal stimuli
Abstract Correctional and intentional steering manoeuvres in locusts differ in several important respects. The most profound difference between the two is the production of large forewing asymmetriesExpand
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Molecular cloning, chromosome mapping and characterization of a testis-specific cystatin-like cDNA, cystatin T.
The cystatin superfamily of cysteine proteinase inhibitors consists of three major families. In the present study, we report the cloning of the cDNA for mouse cystatin T, which is related to family 2Expand
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