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Faraday and Kerr Effects in Ferromagnets
Faraday and Kerr effects are the most important magneto-optical effects for optical recording and optical communication. Since the discovery of anomalously large Faraday rotation due to diamagneticExpand
Charge-transfer transitions in chromium trihalides
The electronic states of chromium trihalides (M = Cl, Br or I) are calculated by taking a approach to an assumed octahedral cluster model. It is found that there are three charge-transfer (CT)Expand
The Kerr magneto-optic effect in ferromagnetic CrBr3
In ferromagnetic the Kerr rotation is a significant effect which is not fully understood. Early investigations suggested that and and and/or were the contributing transitions. Recent investigationsExpand
Fe (3.4 A) and Si (6 A) are evaporated alternately onto silica substrates to realize a granular structure. The substrate temperature Ts during the evaporation is changed from 100 K to 623 K to varyExpand
180° wall movement in a magnetic thin‐film closure domain structure in a high‐frequency field
The dynamic behavior of a 180° wall was observed in a Co‐based amorphous alloy film using a Kerr microscope. As a function of an anisotropy direction the amplitude of the 180° wall movement wasExpand
Development of 3-D read/write simulation system for higher areal recording density
Recently, higher areal recording density of hard disk drive (HDD) is achieved by increasing not only linear density (bits per inch) but also track density (tracks per inch). Then, three-dimensionalExpand
A variable-emittance radiator based on a metal–insulator transition of (La,Sr)MnO3 thin films
Variable-emittance radiators based on the metal–insulator transition of (La,Sr)MnO3 thin films have been developed. The emittance property of the films was evaluated from infrared reflectanceExpand
Magneto-optical effects of tetrahedrally coordinated Co2+ in ferrites.
A large magneto-optical effect near the wavelength of 0.7 μm and 1.5 μm in the ferrites containing tetrahedral Co2+ ions is studied on the basis of the crystal field theory, and the presentExpand
Faraday rotation spectra of Co2+ at distorted octahedral sites in magnetic oxides
Abstract Faraday rotation (FR) spectra of Co 2+ (3d) 7 ions with high spin state at distorted octahedral sites in magnetic oxides are calculated on the basis of the crystal field theory. Since theExpand
Analysis of writing characteristics of CF-SPT head using 3-D read/write simulation system
Recently, the increase of areal recording density is remarkable. In order to develop a high density recording device, a read/write (R/W) simulation using three dimensional (3-D) magnetic fieldExpand