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Psychometric assessment of subjective sleep quality using the Japanese version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI-J) in psychiatric disordered and control subjects
The present study supports the utility of the PSQI-J as a reliable and valid measure for subjective sleep quality in clinical practice and research. Expand
Association of structural polymorphisms in the human period3 gene with delayed sleep phase syndrome
The results suggest that structural polymorphisms in the hPer3 gene may be implicated in the pathogenesis of DSPS, and one of the haplotypes was significantly associated with DSPS. Expand
Sleep loss and daytime sleepiness in the general adult population of Japan
It is indicated that sleep loss and excessive daytime sleepiness in the Japanese adult population are common, and comparable to those reported in Western countries, and short sleep duration was the strongest predictor of excessive daytimeSleepiness. Expand
Melatonin Rhythms in Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
The alteration of phase angle between melatonin rhythm and sleep phase suggested that not only the delay of the circadian clock but also a functional disturbance of the sleep-wake mechanism underlies delayed sleep phase syndrome. Expand
Prevalence and correlates of sleep problems in Chinese schoolchildren.
Parent-reported sleep problems in Chinese children were less prevalent than those reported in Western countries, and associated with multiple family, prenatal, and child developmental factors. Expand
Mutation screening of the human Clock gene in circadian rhythm sleep disorders
Polymorphisms in the coding region of the hClock gene are unlikely to play an important role in the development of DSPS or N-24 and the possible contribution of the T3111C polymorphism to DSPS susceptibility should be studied further. Expand
A Missense Variation in Human Casein Kinase I Epsilon Gene that Induces Functional Alteration and Shows an Inverse Association with Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders
Results indicate that the N408 allele in CKIɛ plays a protective role in the development of DSPS and N-24 through alteration of the enzyme activity. Expand
Sleep and mood disorders.
Differences in sleep patterns cannot reliably distinguish patients with depression from those with other psychiatric disorders, but sleep changes may provide a window on neurobiologieal abnormalities in depression. Expand
Relation between morningness-eveningness score and depressive symptoms among patients with delayed sleep phase syndrome.
Results of this study suggest that depressive symptoms are more associated with the preference of the evening chronotype rather than sleep-wake phase among DSPS patients. Expand
Sleep habits and factors associated with short sleep duration among Japanese high-school students: A community study
To clarify the sleep habits, and predictors thereof, in Japanese high-school students, a community study was conducted. A total of 3833 students were selected randomly from the 34 full-time highExpand