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The Political Economy of Benefits and Costs: A Neoclassical Approach to Distributive Politics
This essay offers a rational political explanation for the notorious inefficiency of pork barrel projects with an optimization model of legislative behavior and legislative institutions. The modelExpand
Institutional Arrangements and Equilibrium in Multidimensional Voting Models
Nearly thirty years of research on social choice has produced a large body of theoretical results. The underlying structure of the models that have generated these results is highly atomistic andExpand
Uncovered Sets and Sophisticated Voting Outcomes with Implications for Agenda Institutions
In the last decade multidimensional voting models have become subtle and complex instruments for explicating social choices by majority rule. What has been learned from them is that little will beExpand
The Strategy of Ambiguity: Uncertainty and Electoral Competition
In this paper problems of social choice in general, and political choice in particular, are considered in light of uncertainty. The space of social alternatives in this formulation includes not onlyExpand
Studying Institutions
This article examines recent developments in a literature referred to as `the new institutionalism'. After reviewing some of the consequences for the study of institutions of the behavioralExpand
Political Preferences for the Pork Barrel: A Generalization
This paper provides a rational explanation for the observation of oversized coalitions, often approaching unanimous size, in the realm of distributive policies. Distributive policies are those whichExpand
The formal study of coalitions is active in Europe, whereas the formal study of political institutions preoccupies American scholars. We seek to integrate aspects of these two bodies of research. ForExpand
Rational Choice Institutionalism
Word Count: 6174 " An irrational passion for dispassionate rationality will take all the joy out of life, " wrote the economist John Maurice Clark a century ago. Canonical rational choice theory hasExpand
The Institutional Foundations of Committee Power
Legislative committees have fascinated scholars and reformers for more than a century. All acknowledge the central strategic position of committees in legislatures. The consensus, however, centers onExpand