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Multidisciplinary approach to COVID-19 risk communication: a framework and tool for individual and regional risk assessment
This paper presents a framework to assess the individual and regional risk of COVID-19 along with risk communication tools and mechanisms and provides regional risk for Nepal, but the framework is scalable across the world. Expand
Multidisciplinary Approach to COVID-19 Risk Communication: A Framework and Tool for Individual and Regional Risk Assessment
The COVID-19 pandemic has exceeded over ten million cases globally with no vaccine available yet. Different approaches are followed to mitigate its impact and reduce its spreading in differentExpand
Assessment of COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal: A Lockdown Scenario Analysis
The spatial distribution clearly shows that the cases were rapidly spreading from the southern part of the country where most points of entry and exit from India are located, and the Government of Nepal needs to allocate more resources, increase its capacity to test and trace, and establish dedicated isolation and quarantine facility during the lockdown. Expand