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A simple purification of calmodulin by reversed phase chromatography with hydrophobic polymer 3520.
A new adsorption chromatography procedure for the purification of calmodulin from bovine brain was developed using polymeric adsorbent 3520 using a non-polar polymer lacking exchangeable groups. Expand
Calmodulin regulation of the cholinergic receptor in the rat heart during ontogeny and senescence
Findings support the suggestion that calmodulin may regulate cholinergic functions during ontogeny and senescence, and induced a dose-dependent receptor binding loss in the hearts of postnatal, young adult and aged rats under phosphorylating conditions. Expand
Effects of calmodulin and calmodulin binding protein BP-10 on phosphorylation of thylakoid membrane protein
Experiments indicate that BP-10 has no effect on dephosphorylation of thylakoid phosphoproteins, implying that Ca2+ and CaM most likely participate in and regulate plant photosynthesis. Expand
Soybean metal-binding proteins: calmodulin purification by hydrophobic interaction with polymer 3520.
Polymer 3520, a non-polar styrene divinylbenzene polymer, provides a simple way to purify calmodulin (CAM) from soybeans by way of reversed-phase liquid chromatography, which is a substantial improvement over the conventional method, which requires high salt in elution buffers. Expand