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Body size, reproduction and growth in a tropical toad, Bufo melanostictus, with a comparison of ovarian cycles in tropical and temperate zone anurans
The incidence of atresia, as observed in the ovaries sampled throughout the year, suggests that about two thirds of the toads preparing for spawning are primiparous, leaving only one third to represent iteroparity within the population. Expand
Some unique features of egg laying and reproduction in Ichthyophis malabarensis (Taylor) (Apoda:Amphibia)
The paper describes egg laying and reproduction in ICHTHYOPHIS MALABARENSIS, where 100 eggs are laid in a single string and manipulated by the female into a massive clutch. Expand
Distribution and abundance of prawns in the freshwater habitats of Bangalore, South India
The survey indicated that, the habitats were rich in prawn fauna, harbouring one species of Palaemonid, Macrobrachium lanchesteri andCaridina nilotica were more widely distributed than Caridina rajadhari and caridina weberi. Expand
Need for systematic ethnozoological studies in the conservation of ancient knowledge systems of Nepal – a review
Ethnozoology deals with the study of interrelationship between the primitive human societies and the animal resources around them. Different factors like strategic location of the country along theExpand
A redescription of Gegeneophis carnosus (Beddome, 1870) (Amphibia: Gymnophiona)
Eight specimens of the lesser known Gegeneophis carnosus (Beddome) sighted and collected during June-September 1996 from the General Cariappa Biodiversity Park at Madikeri, Karnataka State, India areExpand
Comparative studies on the food intake, growth and food conversion of two larvivorous fishes
Food intake, growth and conversion efficiency of two larvivorous fishes have been studied by supplying different proportions of first instarCulex fatigans larvae andTubifex tubifex worms indicating that the mosquito larvae are better utilised by P. reticulata than byG. Expand
Influence of body weight/age on the food intake, growth and conversion efficiency of Gambusia affinis
Feeding rate of the test series fed individually and at ad libitum, decreased from 780 mg dry food/g dry fish/day for a fish weighing 4 mg dry weight to 180 mg/g/ day for one weighing 41 mg, exhibiting a log-log relationship to the body weight. Expand
Reproductive biology of Mystus vittatus (Bloch) (Pisces, Bagridae)
Mystus vittatus, a freshwater catfish inhabiting the lenthic habitats of Bangalore (South India), spawns once annually between August and September. Reproductive biology is largely dependent on theExpand