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Angucyclines: Biosynthesis, mode-of-action, new natural products, and synthesis.
The main focus of this article is on new synthetic approaches and biosynthetic investigations, most of which were published between 1997 and 2010, but go beyond, e.g. for some biosyntheses all the way back to the 1980s, to provide the necessary context of information. Expand
Seven naphtho-γ-pyrones from the marine-derived fungus Alternaria alternata: structure elucidation and biological properties
Eight bioactive pyrone derivatives were identified from the culture of Alternaria alternata strain D2006, isolated from the marine soft coral Denderonephthya hemprichi, which was selected as itsExpand
A comprehensive review of glycosylated bacterial natural products.
This comprehensive analysis of 15 940 bacterial natural products revealed 3426 glycosides containing 344 distinct appended carbohydrates and highlights a range of unique opportunities for future biosynthetic study and glycodiversification efforts. Expand
Mansouramycins A-D, cytotoxic isoquinolinequinones from a marine streptomycete.
Cytotoxicity profiling of the mansouramycins in a panel of up to 36 tumor cell lines indicated significant cytotoxicity of several derivatives, with pronounced selectivity for non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer cells. Expand
Essramycin: A First Triazolopyrimidine Antibiotic Isolated from Nature†
A novel triazolopyrimidine antibiotic was obtained from the culture broth of the marine Streptomyces sp. Expand
Functional Identification of Valerena-1,10-diene Synthase, a Terpene Synthase Catalyzing a Unique Chemical Cascade in the Biosynthesis of Biologically Active Sesquiterpenes in Valeriana officinalis*
The catalytic mechanism for VoTPS1 is investigated and evidence for the involvement of a caryophyllenyl carbocation, a cyclobutyl intermediate, in the biosynthesis of valerena-1,10-diene is reported. Expand
Bioactive Benzopyrone Derivatives from New Recombinant Fusant of Marine Streptomyces
The fermentation, isolation, as well as the biological activity of these bioactive compounds are described here as microbial products for the first time. Expand
Elucidation of post-PKS tailoring steps involved in landomycin biosynthesis.
The results revealed that LanM2 acts as a dehydratase and is responsible for concomitant release of the last PKS-tethered intermediate to yield prejadomycin (10), which was confirmed to be a general pathway intermediate of the biosynthesis. Expand
Bi- and Tetracyclic Spirotetronates from the Coal Mine Fire Isolate Streptomyces sp. LC-6-2.
The structures of 12 new "enantiomeric"-like abyssomicin metabolites (abyssomicins M-X) from Streptomyces sp. LC-6-2 are reported. Of this set, the abyssomicin W (11) contains an unprecedentedExpand
Hurgadacin: A new steroid from Sinularia polydactyla
The antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of the soft coral extract and the corresponding constituents were evaluated against diverse pathogenic microorganisms and brine shrimps, respectively. Expand