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On the Problems of In Vivo Cleansing of the Human Skin
Cleansers for the human skin are characterized by their delipidizing, dehydrating and protein-influencing effects.
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Mono- and Dinuclear Copper(II) Complexes of Pendant-Arm Macrocyclic Polyamines: Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation as Hydrolytic Cleavage Agents for DNA
Based on the 10-methyl-1,4,8,12-tetraazacyclopentadecane-10-amine (1) parent, macrocycles 10-benzylamine-10-methyl-1,4,8,12-tetraazacyclopentadecane (2), 10-(2'-pyridinylmethanamino)Expand
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Non-caspase proteases: triggers or amplifiers of apoptosis?
Caspases are the most important effectors of apoptosis, the major form of programmed cell death (PCD) in multicellular organisms. This is best reflected by the appearance of serious developmentExpand
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Colorectal cancer cells display chaperone dependency for the unconventional prefoldin URI1
Chaperone dependency of cancer cells is an emerging trait that relates to the need of transformed cells to cope with the various stresses associated with the malignant state. URI1 (unconventionalExpand
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Role of caspases and non-caspase proteases in cell death
Undoubtedly, caspases are the major driving force for apoptosis execution and mechanisms of their activation and inhibition have been largely unveiled. Recent progress has been made with regard toExpand
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Building a professional development system: a case study of North Carolina's parenting education experiences.
Designing a professional development system for parent educators requires weaving together multiple pieces from within the network of organizations providing parenting education. North CarolinaExpand
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Molecular Characterization of the Translocation (10;11)(p13;q14): MLLandCALMare Fused toAF10in Morphologically Different Subsets of Acute Leukemia
The t(10,11)(pl3;ql4) is a recurring translocation that has been observed in acute lymphoblastic as well as acute myeloid leukemia. A previous study revealed a MLL/AF10fusion in all cases of AML withExpand
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The Moco riboswitch : the missing metabolite
Riboswitches are highly structured RNA elements located in mRNA non-coding regions. They regulate the expression of specific genes depending on the cellular concentration of a particular metabolite.Expand