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Structure and functions of the bacterial microbiota of plants.
Plants host distinct bacterial communities on and inside various plant organs, of which those associated with roots and the leaf surface are best characterized. The phylogenetic composition of theseExpand
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Quantitative divergence of the bacterial root microbiota in Arabidopsis thaliana relatives
Significance All plants carry distinctive bacterial communities on and inside organs such as roots and leaves, collectively called the plant microbiota. How this microbiota diversifies in relatedExpand
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Keystone taxa as drivers of microbiome structure and functioning
Microorganisms have a pivotal role in the functioning of ecosystems. Recent studies have shown that microbial communities harbour keystone taxa, which drive community composition and functionExpand
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Core microbiomes for sustainable agroecosystems
In an era of ecosystem degradation and climate change, maximizing microbial functions in agroecosystems has become a prerequisite for the future of global agriculture. However, managing species-richExpand
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Root exudate metabolites drive plant-soil feedbacks on growth and defense by shaping the rhizosphere microbiota
By changing soil properties, plants can modify their growth environment. Although the soil microbiota is known to play a key role in the resulting plant-soil feedbacks, the proximal mechanismsExpand
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High-resolution community profiling of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.
Community analyses of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) using ribosomal small subunit (SSU) or internal transcribed spacer (ITS) DNA sequences often suffer from low resolution or coverage. WeExpand
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Deciphering composition and function of the root microbiome of a legume plant
BackgroundDiverse assemblages of microbes colonize plant roots and collectively function as a microbiome. Earlier work has characterized the root microbiomes of numerous plant species, but littleExpand
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Root microbiota dynamics of perennial Arabis alpina are dependent on soil residence time but independent of flowering time
Recent field and laboratory experiments with perennial Boechera stricta and annual Arabidopsis thaliana suggest that the root microbiota influences flowering time. Here we examined in long-termExpand
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Correction to: Cropping practices manipulate abundance patterns of root and soil microbiome members paving the way to smart farming
Following publication of the original article [1], the authors reported that while the ordination graphs are all correct, the symbols in the legend are wrong.
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The plant microbiome at work.
Plants host distinct microbial communities on and inside their tissues designated the plant microbiota. Microbial community profiling enabled the description of the phylogenetic structure of theExpand
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