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What are emotions? And how can they be measured?
Defining “emotion” is a notorious problem. Without consensual conceptualization and operationalization of exactly what phenomenon is to be studied, progress in theory and research is difficult to
Acoustic profiles in vocal emotion expression.
Findings on decoding replicate earlier findings on the ability of judges to infer vocally expressed emotions with much-better-than-chance accuracy, including consistently found differences in the recognizability of different emotions.
Vocal affect expression: a review and a model for future research.
  • K. Scherer
  • Psychology
    Psychological bulletin
  • 1 March 1986
A "component patterning" model of vocal affect expression is proposed that attempts to rink the outcomes of antecedent event evaluation to biologically based response patterns and may help to stimulate hypothesis-guided research as well as provide a framework for the development of appropriate research paradigms.
The dynamic architecture of emotion: Evidence for the component process model
Emotion is conceptualised as an emergent, dynamic process based on an individual's subjective appraisal of significant events. It is argued that theoretical models of emotion need to propose an
The Geneva affective picture database (GAPED): a new 730-picture database focusing on valence and normative significance
A new database of 730 pictures, the Geneva Affective PicturE Database, which was created to increase the availability of visual emotion stimuli and the results of the picture ratings are presented.
Emotions evoked by the sound of music: characterization, classification, and measurement.
The authors addressed this question by progressively characterizing music-induced emotions in 4 interrelated studies by introducing a domain-specific device to measure musically induced emotions--the Geneva Emotional Music Scale.
The Geneva Minimalistic Acoustic Parameter Set (GeMAPS) for Voice Research and Affective Computing
A basic standard acoustic parameter set for various areas of automatic voice analysis, such as paralinguistic or clinical speech analysis, is proposed and intended to provide a common baseline for evaluation of future research and eliminate differences caused by varying parameter sets or even different implementations of the same parameters.