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Estimating the impact force generated by granular flow on a rigid obstruction
Flowing sediments such as debris and liquefied soils could exert a tremendous amount of force as they impact objects along their paths. The total impact force generally varies with slope angle,Expand
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Landslide susceptibility analysis with logistic regression model based on FCM sampling strategy
We present the Fuzzy c-means (FCM) algorithm as an optimal method for choosing the appropriate input landslide points as training data for landslide susceptibility mapping in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Expand
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A comparative study of landslide susceptibility maps using logistic regression, frequency ratio, decision tree, weights of evidence and artificial neural network
For the purpose of comparing susceptibility mapping methods in Mizunami City, Japan, the landslide inventory was partitioned into three groups as various training and test datasets to identify theExpand
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Liquefaction induced lateral spread analysis using the CIP method
Abstract This paper presents a CIP (cubic interpolated pseudoparticle) based numerical method for liquefaction induced lateral spread analysis in the framework of fluid dynamics. Previously, theExpand
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Numerical assessment of the seismic response of an earth embankment on liquefiable soils
This study presents a numerical assessment of the seismic behaviour of an earth embankment founded on liquefiable foundation soils during earthquake loading. Analysis was carried out using anExpand
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Landslide-susceptibility analysis using light detection and ranging-derived digital elevation models and logistic regression models: a case study in Mizunami City, Japan
Abstract To mitigate the damage caused by landslide disasters, different mathematical models have been applied to predict landslide spatial distribution characteristics. Although some researchersExpand
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Large Deformation Analysis in Geomechanics Using CIP Method
A numerical method is developed for prediction of large deformations associated with a geomaterial flow. The geomaterial is modeled as a viscous fluid, where a Bingham type constitutive model isExpand
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New Protection Wall Against Rockfall Using a Ductile Cast Iron Panel
In Japan, slope disasters occur due to earthquakes, abnormal weather and inappropriate land development. It is important to identify safe and economical countermeasures against rockfall disasters. WeExpand
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InSAR-derived digital elevation models for terrain change analysis of earthquake-triggered flow-like landslides based on ALOS/PALSAR imagery
Earthquakes can directly trigger multiple simultaneous slope failures in mountainous regions. Among these slope failures, flow-like landslides with high velocities and long run-outs can result inExpand
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SPH-based numerical simulation of catastrophic debris flows after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake
Post-earthquake debris flows that have occurred in Sichuan Province in southwestern China following the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, have caused significant damage and casualties. PreviousExpand
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