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A Framework for Teachable Collaborative Problem Solving Skills
In his book “Cognition in the Wild”, Hutchins (1995) invites his readers to scan their immediate environment for objects that were not produced through collaborative efforts of several people, andExpand
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Transformational and Transactional Leadership and Followers’ Achievement Goals
AbstractPurposeAchievement goals, or the standards of competence employees pursue in their work, have far-reaching consequences for employee and organizational functioning. In the current research,Expand
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Cognitive and strategic processes in small groups: effects of anonymity of the self and anonymity of the group on social influence.
Two studies examined cognitive and strategic processes of social influence in small groups. A first study showed that anonymity of in-group members to the self cognitively enhanced the perceivedExpand
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Common bond and common identity groups on the Internet: Attachment and normative behavior in on-topic and off-topic chats.
Friedrich-Schiller-University JenaThe present research is based on D. A. Prentice, D. T. Miller, and J. R. Lightdale’s(1994) distinction between common bond groups (formed by attachment betweengroupExpand
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Introducing social media for knowledge management: Determinants of employees' intentions to adopt new tools
We identify antecedents of knowledge seeking and contribution using social media.Importance of knowledge exchange facilitates both when perceiving current deficits.The new technology should beExpand
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Distributive Justice in Common-Bond and Common-Identity Groups
Two experiments tested whether common-bond groups (attachment based on interpersonal bonds between the members) and common-identity groups (attachment based on attraction to the group as a whole;Expand
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Fast-ion losses due to high-frequency MHD perturbations in the ASDEX upgrade Tokamak.
Time-resolved energy and pitch angle measurements of fast-ion losses correlated in frequency and phase with high-frequency magnetohydrodynamic perturbations have been obtained for the first time in aExpand
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Plasma wall interaction and its implication in an all tungsten divertor tokamak. Invited Paper
ASDEX Upgrade has recently finished its transition towards an all-W divertor tokamak, by the exchange of the last remaining graphite tiles to W-coated ones. The plasma start-up was performed withoutExpand
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Effects of Linguistic Abstractness in the Mass Media
Media coverage contributes to the perpetuation of stereotypes and prejudice. So far, research has focused on biased content rather than style in reporting about minorities. One such stylisticExpand
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Knocking on the Outgroup's Door: Seeking Outgroup Help Under Conditions of Task or Relational Conflict
Three studies investigated the willingness to seek help from another group in situations where collaborative goals are undermined by task or relational conflicts between the groups. Compared to taskExpand
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