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Congruence of Energies for Cerebral Photon Emissions, Quantitative EEG Activities and ~5 nT Changes in the Proximal Geomagnetic Field Support Spin-based Hypothesis of Consciousness
Measurements of the quantitative changes in photon emissions, electroencephalographic activity, and alterations in the proximal geomagnetic field during successive periods when a subject sitting in the dark imagined white light suggested that spin energies can accommodate the interactions between protons, electrons, and photons and the action potentials associated with intention, consciousness, and entanglement.
Cerebral Dynamics and Discrete Energy Changes in the Personal Physical Environment During Intuitive-Like States and Perceptions
The attribution of unobservable cognitive states to others, a component of the "Theory of Mind", involves activity within the right temporoparietal region. We tested an exceptional subject, Sean
Experimental Production of Excess Correlation across the Atlantic Ocean of Right Hemispheric Theta-Gamma Power between Subject Pairs Sharing Circumcerebral Rotating Magnetic Fields (Part I)
There have been multiple historical and cross-cultural reports of excess correlation of specific experiences between individuals separated by thousands of kilometers. Recently there have been
The Electromagnetic Induction of Mystical and Altered States within the Laboratory
The human brain is the locus of all human experiences. The substantial microstructural and neuroelectrical differences between the two cerebral hemispheres predicts two major classes of mystical
Bright light transmits through the brain: Measurement of photon emissions and frequency-dependent modulation of spectral electroencephalographic power
The results suggest that external light is transmitted through cerebral tissue, can be measured externally, and significantly affects functional connectivity, and support the conclusions of Starck et al.
Quantitative Evidence for Direct Effects Between Earth-Ionosphere Schumann Resonances and Human Cerebral Cortical Activity
The multiple quantitative similarities of basic frequencies, harmonics, magnetic field intensities, voltages, band widths, and energetic solutions that define the Schumann resonances within the
Experimental Elicitation of an Out of Body Experience and Concomitant Cross-Hemispheric Electroencephalographic Coherence
Brief exposure to a counterclockwise global externally applied magnetic field generated from an array of 64 solenoids designed to affect the cerebral fields associated with the left and right
Human Quantitative Electroencephalographic and Schumann Resonance Exhibit Real-Time Coherence of Spectral Power Densities: Implications for Interactive Information Processing
Spectral Power Densities within the Quantitative Electroencephalographic Profiles of 41 men and women displayed repeated transient coherence with the first three modes of the Schumann Resonance in real time, consistent with the congruence of the frequency, magnetic field intensity, voltage gradient, and phase shifts that are shared by the human brain and the earth-ionospheric spherical wave guide.