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Pigmented purpuric dermatoses: An overview
Pigmented purpuric dermatoses are a spectrum of disorders characterized by a distinct purpuric rash, mainly localized to the lower limbs, which are morphologically dissimilar but histopathologicallyExpand
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The Spectrum of Skin Disease Among Indian Children
Abstract:  Skin diseases in children are encountered frequently and their characterization is essential for the preparation of academic, research and health plans. A retrospective study was designedExpand
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Erythroderma/exfoliative dermatitis: a synopsis
An increasing number of new drugs have been incriminated in the recent past. 2–9 Its clinical pattern is fascinating and has been the subject of detailed studies. 4,8,10–16 Its changing scenario inExpand
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Diagnosing multibacillary leprosy: a comparative evaluation of diagnostic accuracy of slit-skin smear, bacterial index of granuloma and WHO operational classification.
BACKGROUND In view of the relatively poor performance of skin smears WHO adopted a purely clinical operational classification, however the poor specificity of operational classification leads toExpand
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New insights into acne pathogenesis: Exploring the role of acne-associated microbial populations
Abstract Acne vulgaris, a prevalent disorder of the skin, is found to increase the incidence of suicidal ideation in acne patients (∼7.1%). This creates a dilemma in the mind whether acne is a lifeExpand
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Rising trend of antimicrobial resistance among Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates and the emergence of N. gonorrhoeae isolate with decreased susceptibility to ceftriaxone
Context: Gonorrhoea is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STI) in developing countries and is a global health problem. Aims: To analyze the trend of antimicrobial susceptibilityExpand
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Efficacy of fixed low‐dose isotretinoin (20 mg, alternate days) with topical clindamycin gel in moderately severe acne vulgaris
Background  In view of the potentially serious side‐effects of standard isotretinoin (0.5–1.0 mg/kg per day) therapy for acne, we studied the safety and efficacy of low‐fixed dose isotretinoin plusExpand
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Erythroderma in Children: A Clinico‐Etiological Study
Although there are various published studies on erythroderma from western and Asian countries, most of them have only included patients in the adult age groups. As we have an exclusively pediatricExpand
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A study of leprosy in children, from a tertiary pediatric hospital in India.
Leprosy among children is a public health problem reflecting the disease transmission in community and the efficiency of control programmes. To evaluate the clinico-epidemiological andExpand
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