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Administrative Structure in Times of Changes: The Development of Estonian Ministries and Government Agencies 1990–2010
The article addresses the change in administrative structure at the center of the Estonian government during the twenty years of post-communist development. The focus is on three issues ofExpand
Comparative Analysis of State Administrations:The Size of a State as an Independent Variable
The focus of this paper is on the institutional structure of public administration. A comparative analysis of administrative structures and their functioning helps to explain the processes of publicExpand
Lessons Learned and Policy Implications
The case studies in this book illustrate how European countries have used a variety of instruments to address coordination problems. Reforms aiming to strengthen coordination have been initiated toExpand
From network to hierarchy: the evolution of the Estonian senior civil service development system
The aim of this article is to explore the opportunities for and constraints of the establishment of a central coordination instrument in a highly fragmented central government. The article is basedExpand
Introduction: Emerging Coordination Practices in European Public Management
Increasing interest in the issues of public sector coordination and joining up separate government bodies into more integrated apparatuses that have informed the international administrativeExpand
Post-Comunist Development of Administrative Structure in Estonia: From Fragmentation to Segmentation
The article focuses on the issue of administrative structure and its development in a postcommunist context. The case of the Estonian administrative system is analyzed. The article aims to find outExpand
textabstractIntroduction This report presents the main findings and policy implications of the COCOPS Work Package 5 (WP5) “The Governance of Social Cohesion: Innovative Coordination Practices inExpand