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An empirical model and an inversion technique for radar scattering from bare soil surfaces
Polarimetric radar measurements were conducted for bare soil surfaces under a variety of roughness and moisture conditions at L-, C-, and X-band frequencies at incidence angles ranging from 10 degrees to 70 degrees . Expand
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Microwave Radar and Radiometric Remote Sensing
Book Information A successor to the classic Artech House Microwave Remote Sensing series, this comprehensive and up-to-date resource provides you with theoretical models, system design and operation, and geoscientific applications of active and passive microwave remote sensing systems. Expand
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Antenna miniaturization and bandwidth enhancement using a reactive impedance substrate
The concept of a novel reactive impedance surface (RIS) as a substrate for planar antennas, that can miniaturize the size and significantly enhance both the bandwidth and the radiationExpand
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Michigan microwave canopy scattering model
Abstract The Michigan Microwave Canopy Scattering model (MIMICS) is based on a first-order solution of the radiative-transfer equation for a tree canopy comprising a crown layer, a trunk layer and aExpand
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A Frequency Selective Surface With Miniaturized Elements
We demonstrate a new class of bandpass frequency selective surface (FSS), the building block of which, unlike the traditional FSSs, makes use of resonant dipole and slot structures that haveExpand
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Semi-empirical model of the ensemble-averaged differential Mueller matrix for microwave backscattering from bare soil surfaces
A semi-empirical model of the ensemble-averaged differential Mueller matrix for microwave backscattering from bare soil surfaces is presented. Expand
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A substrate for small patch antennas providing tunable miniaturization factors
Magnetic properties were imparted to a naturally nonmagnetic material by metallic inclusions. A patch antenna tested the performance of the magnetic metamaterial as a substrate and validated that aExpand
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Estimation of forest biophysical characteristics in Northern Michigan with SIR-C/X-SAR
A three-step process is presented for estimation of forest biophysical properties from orbital polarimetric SAR data. Expand
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Refocusing Through Building Walls Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
Through-wall imaging/sensing using a synthetic aperture array technique is studied by employing ultrawideband antennas and for wide incidence angles. Expand
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Design of reconfigurable slot antennas
In this paper the design of a compact, efficient and electronically tunable antenna is presented. A single-fed resonant slot loaded with a series of PIN diode switches constitute the fundamentalExpand
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