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Enterprise Modeling: Tackling Business Challenges with the 4EM Method
Enterprise modeling (EM) methods and techniques are indispensable for understanding the present situation of an enterprise and for preparing for its future particularly in times of continuousExpand
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Participative Enterprise Modeling: Experiences and Recommendations
The objective of this paper is to report a set of experiences of applying participative enterprise modeling in different organizational contexts. While the authors have successfully applied theExpand
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A Survey of Exploiting WordNet in Ontology Matching
Nowadays, many ontologies are used in industry, public adminstration and academia. Although these ontologies are developed for various purposes and domains, they often contain overlappingExpand
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Interleukin-12 prevents ultraviolet B-induced local immunosuppression and overcomes UVB-induced tolerance.
Ultraviolet (UV) light abrogates contact hypersensitivity (CHS) responses and induces hapten-specific tolerance. Because Th-1 cells are critically involved in CHS and are induced to develop by theExpand
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Patterns in Ontology Engineering: Classification of Ontology Patterns
In Software Engineering, patterns are an accepted way to facilitate and support reuse. This paper focuses on patterns in the field of Ontology Engineering and proposes a classification scheme for oExpand
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Information Logistics in Networked Organizations: Selected Concepts and Applications
Accurate and readily available information is a crucial basis for decision making, problem solving, or performing knowledge intensive work. Routine activities and well-defined work flows areExpand
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Information logistic applications for information-on-demand scenarios: concepts and experiences from WIND project
The field of information logistics aims at developing concepts, technologies and applications for need-oriented information supply. Information-on-demand services are a typical application area forExpand
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Enterprise Modelling for the Masses - From Elitist Discipline to Common Practice
Enterprise modelling (EM) as a discipline has been around for several decades with a huge body of knowledge on EM in academic literature. The benefits of modelling and its contributions toExpand
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Capability Driven Development: An Approach to Designing Digital Enterprises
The need for organizations to operate in changing environments is addressed by proposing an approach that integrates organizational development with information system (IS) development taking intoExpand
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Analysing Enterprise Models from a Fractal Organisation Perspective - Potentials and Limitations
The paper focuses on the use of the fractal paradigm in enterprise modeling. It investigates whether the properties of fractal organizations can be applied in business analysis and whether thisExpand
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