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The Syntax of Anaphora
In this work, Ken Safir contends that the complementary distribution of forms that support the anaphoric readings is not accidental, contrary to most current thinking, but rather should be derived from a principle, one that he proposes in the form of an algorithm. Expand
The Null Subject Parameter and Parametric Theory
The articles in this collection exemplify the potential of this sort of research with respect to a rather well-defined set of phenomena — centering around the null subject phenomenon — within the paradigm of research known as Government-Binding theory (Chomsky (1981, 1982)). Expand
The Null Subject Parameter
The Null Subject Parameter and Parametric Theory.- Arbitrary Null Objects and Unselective Binding.- Anaphoric AGR.- Two Italian Dialects and the Null Subject Parameter.- On the Notion "Null Anaphor"Expand
Vehicle Change and Reconstruction in -Chains
Fiengo and May (1994) argue that what they call vehicle change, which permits copies of names to be evaluated as pronouns with respect to interpretive principles, plays a key role in accounting forExpand
Syntactic chains and the definiteness effect
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1982.
Multiple variable binding
The Syntax of (In)dependence
One of the most important discoveries of modern linguistic theory is that abstract structural properties of utterances place subtle restrictions on how we can use a given form or description. For theExpand
Missing Subjects in German
The syntactic projection of lexical thematic structure