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SUMMARY A new species, Thindia cupressi, occurring on the dead foliage of Cupressus in India, is the basis of a monotypic new genus of the operculate discomycetes. The yellow-orange to orangeExpand
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A new wilt disease of muskmelon in India
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The Pezizales of India—XVI
Three new species of Pezizales,Boudiera parvispora from Darjeeling,Cheilymenia simlensis from Simla andC. chandigarhii from Chandigarh, are described.
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Xylariaceae of India—I
This paper gives an illustrated account of 6 species ofXylosphaera Dumortier from the various localities in the North-Western Himalayas. Out of these 4 are new records for India.
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The Pezizales of India—XIV
Three new species of Pezizales from Himalayas are fully described here. These areAleuria dalhousiensis, Octospora gigantea andPlicaria himalayensis.
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Some Indian Scutellinia species
Scutellinia aurantia (Clements) comb.nov. (syn. Sepultaria aurantia Clements), S. superba (Vel.) comb.nov. (syn. Lachnea superba Vel.), S. kerguelensis (Berk.) O. Kuntze and S. pennsylvanica (Seav.)Expand
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The genusLeucoscypha (Pezizales) and the re-evaluation of its species occurring in India
Diagnostic features of the genusLeucoscypha Boud. emend. Rifai are given and the present position of its species previously known from India but described under different genera is ascertained.L.Expand