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Cyclization of gold acetylides: synthesis of vinyl sulfonates via gold vinylidene complexes.
Differently substituted terminal alkynes that bear sulfonate leaving groups at an appropriate distance were converted in the presence of a propynyl gold(I) precatalyst. After initial formation of aExpand
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Cyclisierung von Goldacetyliden: Synthese von Vinylsulfonaten über Vinylidengold‐Komplexe
Verschieden substituierte terminale Alkine mit Sulfonat-Abgangsgruppen in passender Entfernung wurden in Gegenwart von Propinylgold(I)-Prakatalysatoren umgesetzt. Nach der Bildung eines GoldacetylidsExpand
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Multicomponent, flow diazotization/Mizoroki-Heck coupling protocol: dispelling myths about working with diazonium salts.
A single pass flow diazotization/Mizoroki-Heck protocol has been developed for the production of cinnimoyl and styryl products. The factors that govern aryl diazonium salt stability have beenExpand
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Pd/C–Cu mediated direct and one-pot synthesis of γ-ylidene butenolides
Abstract 10% Pd/C in combination with CuI, PPh 3 , and Et 3 N has been identified as an effective catalyst system for the coupling of ( Z )-3-iodoacrylic acid with terminal alkynes in 1,4-dioxaneExpand
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Gold catalysis: Experimental mechanistic insights into the anellation of phenols with 1,3-dienes
Abstract An intermediate of the anellation reaction of phenols and 1,3-dienes could be detected, isolated and characterized as the hydroarylation product. The other conceivable intermediate, theExpand
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Multicomponent, Flow Diazotization/Mizoroki—Heck Coupling Protocol: Dispelling Myths about Working with Diazonium Salts.
Based on a detailed study on the stability of aryl diazonium salts, the MeOH/DMF solvent system is defined to be suitable for generation and selective coupling of diazonium salts in the presence ofExpand
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Umpolung Synthesis of Vicinal Diamines: Diastereoselective Addition of 2-Azaallyl Anions to Davis-Ellman's Imines.
A highly regioselective and diastereoselective addition of 2-azaallyl anions to N- tert-butanesulfinylimines is reported. This methodology affords the preparation of enantiomerically andExpand
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Pd/C—Cu‐Mediated Direct and One‐Pot Synthesis of γ‐Ylidene Butenolides.
It is found that the catalytic system efficiently promotes the coupling of iodoacrylic acid with terminal alkynes to form the target compounds with high regio- and stereoselectivity.