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Viral Interactions Lead to Decline of Blackberry Plants.
It has been hypothesized that BYVaV is the synergistic determinant of BYVD that causes symptoms in different cultivars at various locations during co-infection with other viruses. Expand
Localization of Transmissible and Nontransmissible Viruses in the Vector Nematode Xiphinema americanum.
Assessment of the location of transmissible and nontransmissible viruses in the vector nematode Xiphinema americanum revealed that TRSV was primarily localized to the lining of the lumen of the stylet extension and the anterior esophagus, but only rarely in the triradiate lumen, and Tom RSV was localized only in thetriradiates based on thin-section electron microscopy. Expand
Glyoxysomal Nature of Microbodies Complexed with Lipid Globules in Botryosphaeria dothidea.
The results suggest that the microbodies complexed with lipid globules in B. dothidea hyphae are functionally defined as glyoxysomes which may enable the fungus to survive latent periods using lipids via the glyoxylate cycle and catalase secretion. Expand
Characterization of monoclonal antibodies to conidial antigens of Pyricularia grisea
Immunoelectron microscopy demonstrated binding of MAb 4G11 to the cytoplasm of conidial cells and the walls of hyphae, and it is hypothesized that the 63-kDa protein was synthesized in the fungal cy toplasm and then excreted as a smaller polypeptide. Expand
Monoclonal antibodies to an extracellular component of Pyricularia grisea
The monoclonal antibodies bound to a high Mr protein component in extracts of liquid culture fluids and not to conidial antigens and did not cross-react with any unrelated fungal isolates representing 11 genera but reacted positively with all 20 races or isolates of P. grisea. Expand
Possible Etitiology of Eriophyid Mite-Borne Pathogens Associated with Double Membrane-Bound Particles
The chapter places an emphasis on the ultrastructure of DMPs and associated inclusions revealed in the most recently discovered diseases such as thistle mosaic and High Plains, both of which affect herbaceous hosts. Expand