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Paleoenvironments and landscape history of the Minor Kuril Islands since the Late Glacial
Abstract The problems of vegetation development of the Minor Kuriles since the Last Glacial Maximum are discussed. The size of island land and relief features influenced landscape development underExpand
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Chronology of tsunamis documented in sections of the coastal lowlands in East Primorye
One of the fields in the study of how catastrophic events are manifested is investigation of sediments produced by historical and paleotsunamis. This infor� mation allows researchers to define theExpand
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The Eruptions of Sarychev Peak Volcano, Kurile Arc: Particularities of Activity and Influence on the Environment
More then 68 quaternary volcanic edifices are picked out in the Kurile Islands, among them 36 are active and potentially dangerous. During 45 thousand years not less then 12 large explosiveExpand
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Historical Tsunami Records on Russian Island, the Sea of Japan
In this article, we provide data evidencing tsunamis on Russian Island over the last 700 years. Reconstructions are developed based on the analyses of peat bog sections on the coast of SpokoynayaExpand
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