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Pharmacological screening and evaluation of antiplasmodial activity of Croton zambesicus against Plasmodium berghei berghei infection in mice
Objective: To evaluate the antiplasmodial activity of leaf extract of Croton zambesicus on chloroquine-sensitive Plasmodium berghei berghei infection in mice and to confirm its traditional use as aExpand
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Hypoglycaemic effect of the aqueous extract of Boerhavia diffusa leaves
Boerhavia diffusa (Family Nyctaginaceae) is a herbal plant, which is common in the tropics in both dry and rainy seasons. It is found in India, Nigeria and many other countries. In Nigeria it isExpand
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Psychopharmacological properties of the saponin fraction of Ficus platyphylla stem bark
The psychopharmacological effects of a saponin-rich fraction (SFG) obtained from crude methanolic extract of Ficus platyphylla stem bark were studied on spontaneous motor activity (SMA),Expand
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Medicinal plants used and the perception of plant endangerment by the traditional medicine practitioners of Nasarawa State, Nigeria: A pilot study
The growing role of traditional medicine practice in the health care delivery system of most countries of the world cannot be over emphasized. Needless to say, more than 90% of the remedies used byExpand
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Hypoglycemic effects of the aqueous extract of African Mistletoe, Tapinanthus sesselifolius (P. Beauv) van Tiegh (Loranthaceae)
The hypoglycemic effect of the aqueous extract of African mistletoe, Tapinanthus sesselifolius , was investigated in-vivo and in-vitro. Studies were carried out on normoglycemic and alloxan-inducedExpand
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Evaluation of the Anticancer Activity of Bioactive Fraction G Extracted from Pavetta crassipes in Malignant Brain Tumor Cell Lines
Objective: Natural products have served as sources of lead compounds that are commonly used in the treatment of human diseases including cancer. Pavetta crassipes has been widely demonstrated to haveExpand
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Sustainable exploitation of African medicinal plants
Medicinal plants have been used for food, shelter, clothing and medicine for survival by humans since ancient times. However, over the last few decades, there appears to be renewed increase in demandExpand
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Potentials of Some Nigerian Herbs and Spice as Source of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials: Opportunity for Global Market Competitiveness
Food has been seen and known to be the very basis of human health and wellbeing since time immemorial. Also, ancient history and tradition, has helped to emphasize the benefits of herbs and spices inExpand
Chemical and Biological Screening Approaches to Phytopharmaceuticals
The global demand for phytopharmaceutical products is on the upward trend and will probably continue to rise in the next few decades. This demand is fuelled by the growing acceptability, availabilityExpand