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Geographical patterns of evolution in Neotropical Lepidoptera: differentiation of the species of Melinaea and Mechanitis (Nymphalidae, Ithomiinae)*
Biosystematic analysis incorporating abundant new field data from many parts of the Neotropics has led to an ordered revision of the mimetic ithomiine genera Melinaea and Mechanitis. The variousExpand
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Additive partitioning of butterfly diversity in a fragmented landscape: importance of scale and implications for conservation
Aim  Most of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil occurs in fragments of various sizes. Previous studies indicate that forest fragmentation affects fruit-feeding butterflies. Conservation strategies thatExpand
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The importance of small scales to the fruit-feeding butterfly assemblages in a fragmented landscape
Nowadays 37% of Earth’s ice-free land is composed by fragments of natural habitats settled in anthropogenic biomes. Therefore, we have to improve our knowledge about distribution of organisms inExpand
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Atlantic Forest Butterflies: Indicators for Landscape Conservation1
Abstract The Atlantic Forest region (wide sense) includes very complex tropical environments, increasingly threatened by extensive anthropogenic conversion (>90%). Ecologically specialized,Expand
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Historical and Ecological Factors in the Biogeography of Aposematic Neotropical Butterflies
SYNOPSIS. Quantitative analysis of low-level (mostly subspecific) geographic differentiation of aposematic color patterns in three groups of forest butterflies (Heliconiini, Ithomiinae, andExpand
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Temporal diversity patterns and phenology in fruit-feeding butterflies in the Atlantic Forest.
The Atlantic Forest deserves special attention due to its high level of species endemism and degree of threat. As in other tropical biomes, there is little information about the ecology of theExpand
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The distribution of blood group alleles among Indians of Southwest North America.
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