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Modelling bacterial water quality in streams draining pastoral land.
Scenario analysis suggests that riparian buffer strips may improve bacterial water quality both by eliminating livestock defaecation in and near streams, and by trapping of bacteria by the riparian vegetation. Expand
How uncertainty analysis of streamflow data can reduce costs and promote robust decisions in water management applications
Streamflow data are used for important environmental and economic decisions, such as specifying and regulating minimum flows, managing water supplies, and planning for flood hazards. DespiteExpand
Nutrient Trading in Lake Rotorua: Goals and Trading Caps
For a nutrient trading system to achieve the desired environmental outcome, or goal, this outcome needs to be translated into nutrient flows and allowances. To connect the nutrient loss provided forExpand
Lake Rotorua Nutrient Load Targets
Does Complex Hydrology Require Complex Water Quality Policy? Nmanager Simulations for Lake Rotorua
This paper examines six different approaches to nutrient management, and simulates the economic costs and environmental impacts associated with them using NManager, a partial equilibrium simulationExpand
Water Quality Management in Lake Rotorua: A comparison of Regulatory Approaches using the NManager Model
The life satisfaction approach has recently emerged as a new technique in the suite of options available to non-market valuation practitioners. This paper examines the influence of ecosystemExpand
Does Complex Hydrology Require Complex Water Quality Policy?
type="main" xml:id="ajar12024-abs-0001"> Nonpoint-source water pollution is frequently considered intractable because it is hard to regulate large numbers of small sources and because the scienceExpand
Assessing design options for a Nutrient Trading System using an integrated model
Water quality in many New Zealand waterways is currently declining leading to lakes and rivers being closed for contact recreation such as swimming and potentially threatening our clean, green image.Expand