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The Electroweak Phase Transition: A Non-Perturbative Analysis
We study on the lattice the 3d SU(2)+Higgs model, which is an effective theory of a large class of 4d high temperature gauge theories. Using the exact constant physics curve, continuum (V → ∞, a → 0)Expand
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The next-generation liquid-scintillator neutrino observatory LENA
Abstract As part of the European LAGUNA design study on a next-generation neutrino detector, we propose the liquid-scintillator detector LENA (Low Energy Neutrino Astronomy) as a multipurposeExpand
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Generic rules for high temperature dimensional reduction and their application to the Standard Model
We formulate the rules for dimensional reduction of a generic finite temperature gauge theory to a simpler three-dimensional effective bosonic theory in terms of a matching of Green’s functions inExpand
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Sphaleron rate in the minimal standard model.
We use large-scale lattice simulations to compute the rate of baryon number violating processes (the sphaleron rate), the Higgs field expectation value, and the critical temperature in the standardExpand
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Abstract Many low energy hadrons, such as the rho, can be observed as resonances in scattering experiments. A proposal by Luscher enables one to determine infinite volume elastic scattering phasesExpand
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Evolution of the coupling constant in SU(2) lattice gauge theory with two adjoint fermions
We measure the evolution of the coupling constant using the Schroedinger functional method in the lattice formulation of SU(2) gauge theory with two massless Dirac fermions in the adjointExpand
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Numerical simulations of acoustically generated gravitational waves at a first order phase transition
We present details of numerical simulations of the gravitational radiation produced by a first order thermal phase transition in the early universe. We confirm that the dominant source ofExpand
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Shape of the acoustic gravitational wave power spectrum from a first order phase transition
We present results from large-scale numerical simulations of a first order thermal phase transition in the early universe, in order to explore the shape of the acoustic gravitational wave and theExpand
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The Pressure of hot QCD up to g6 ln(1/g)
The free energy density, or pressure, of QCD has at high temperatures an expansion in the coupling constant g, known so far up to order g^5. We compute here the last contribution which can beExpand
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3D physics and the electroweak phase transition: Perturbation theory
We develop a method for the construction of the effective potential at high temperatures based on the effective field theory approach and renormalization group. It allows one to sum up the leadingExpand
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