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Nucleotide sequence and LexA regulation of the Escherichia coli recN gene
The nucleotide sequence of a 2224 bp region of the Escherichia coli chromosome that carries the LexA regulated recN gene has been determined and DNA fragments containing this putative promoter region are shown to bind LexA in vitro and to have LexA-regulated promoter activity in vivo. Expand
Conservation of extended promoter regions of nodulation genes in Rhizobium.
The involvement of this sequence in the expression of nodulation functions is demonstrated, which suggests that these extended promoter regions may have a role in the coordinated regulation of nodulations genes. Expand
Symbiotically defective histidine auxotrophs of Bradyrhizobium japonicum
The results suggest that two Tn5 insertion mutations in B. japonicum leading to histidine auxotrophy, affect nodulation in some way, and are in regions that show no homology to the Rhizobium meliloti common nodulation genes. Expand
Identification And Organization Of Rhizobium Meliloti Genes Relevant To The Initiation And Development Of Nodules
The bacterium species Rhizobium meliloti induces nitrogen fixing nodules on the roots of its host plant Medicago sativa, indicating that the essential genes coding for nodule initiation and development are carried by this megaplasmid. Expand
Deletion mutants of megacinogenic plasmid pBM309 from Bacillus megaterium.
A 46.8-kb plasmid of Bacillus megaterium determines the production of a bacteriocin, megacin A, and confers immunity against this antibiotic on the host cells and was mapped on the physical map of pBM309 by using its deletion derivatives. Expand
A comparison of two-point, three-point and deletion mapping in the C cistron of rhizobiophage 16-3, with an explanation for the recombination pattern.
A general tendency for additivity prevailed in recombination frequencies for two-point fine-structure mapping of 14 mutants in the C cistron of Rhizobium meliloti phage 16-3, with little evidence of any marker effect, which suggests certain properties of the branch migration and resolution steps envisioned in current mechanisms of recombination. Expand
Transposon mutagenesis of Rhizobium japonicum
Successful mutagenesis with Transposon Tn5 of three slow-growing strains of Rhizobium japonicum USDA 122, 61A76, USDA 74 and one fast-growing strain, USDA 191 is reported. Expand
Megacinogenic plasmid from Bacillus megaterium 216
SummaryAbility to produce megacin A, a bacteriocin of b. megaterium, was transferred from the strain B. megaterium 216 into auxotrophic derivatives of the strain B. megaterium KM via protoplastExpand
Nucleotide sequence and LexA regulation of the Escherichia coli recS gene
The nucleotide sequence of a 2224 bp region of the Escherichia co l i chromosome that c a r r i e s the LexA regulated recN gene has been determined. A region of 1701 nucleot ides encoding aExpand