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A call for critical reflection on the localisation agenda in humanitarian action
Abstract Calls for a greater inclusion of local actors have featured for some time in debates on how to make humanitarian action more efficient and address unequal power relations within theExpand
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A novel F8 −/− rat as a translational model of human hemophilia A
In preclinical hemophilia research, an animal model that reflects both the phenotype and the pathology of the disease is needed.
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The F8−/− rat as a model of hemophilic arthropathy
Essentials Validating the F8 rat as a new intermediate‐size animal model of hemophilic arthropathy. Factor VIII (FVIII) treated F8−/− rats suffered induced hemarthrosis analyzed by histopathology. F8Expand
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Serological biomarkers detect active joint destruction and inflammation in patients with haemophilic arthropathy
Progressive arthropathy caused by recurrent joint bleeds is a severe complication in haemophilia.
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Altered collagen turnover in factor VIII‐deficient rats with hemophilic arthropathy identifies potential novel serological biomarkers in hemophilia
Essentials Joint bleeding in hemophilia may induce significant remodeling of the extracellular matrix. Biomarkers of collagen turnover were investigated in a F8−/− rat model of hemophilicExpand
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Increased basement membrane turnover and strongly attenuated interstitial matrix turnover is a key pathological feature of haemophilia
1. Medina SS, Ozelo MC. Zika virus and inherited bleeding disorders. Haemophilia. 2017;23:177-179. 2. Yasri S, Wiwanitkit V. Platelet count in Zika virus infection: A summary on 26 cases. Ann TropExpand
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Visualization of haemophilic arthropathy in F8−/− rats by ultrasonography and micro‐computed tomography
A major complication of haemophilia is haemophilic arthropathy (HA), a debilitating disorder with an incompletely defined pathobiology. High‐resolution imaging may provide new knowledge about onsetExpand
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Secretion of mouse-metallothionein by engineered E. coli cells in metal-enriched culture media.
Heterologous Escherichia coli expression systems were designed and assayed for the synthesis of functional mouse metallothionein (MT) as a secreted fusion protein. MT secretion was compared amongExpand
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The Politics of Self-Determination: Beyond the Decolonisation Process
Introduction Part 1: Self-Determination 1. Self-Determination, Decolonisation and the United Nations 2. The Shortcomings of the Current Law of Self-Determination 3. Self-Determination and theExpand
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