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Spaces of Identity: Global Media, Electronic Landscapes and Cultural Boundaries
From the Publisher: We are living through a time when old identities--nation, culture and ethnicity--are melting down. Spaces of Identity examines the ways in which collective cultural identities
The Re-Emergence of Regional Economies? The Mythical Geography of Flexible Accumulation
A critique of the potential of industrial districts for local and regional development in the present period is developed. It focuses particularly on the influential arguments being put forward by
From spaces of identity to mental spaces: Lessons from Turkish-Cypriot cultural experience in Britain
This article is concerned with the culture of Turkish Cypriots in Britain, and at the same time with the problems of finding an adequate theoretical language to theorise those experiences. First, it
Into the Image: Culture and Politics in the Field of Vision
From the Publisher: Into the Image is concerned with the significance of screen and image in contemporary society, and with the nature of our imaginary and psychic investments in visual culture. It
Thinking across spaces
This article is concerned with the development of transnational television from Turkey, particularly across the European space. First, it seeks to provide an overview of which channels are currently
Times of the Technoculture: From the Information Society to the Virtual Life
From the Publisher: Times of the Technoculture, explores the issues surrounding technological change, from the politics of information to questions of culture and identity in cyberspace. The late
The Technical Fix: Education, Computers and Industry
Part 1 The myth of the machine: technological futures and the technical fix the origins of the information society recession and restructuring. Part 2 The industrialisation of education: education,