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Initiation of acute graft-versus-host disease by angiogenesis.
The inhibition of inflammation-associated angiogenesis ameliorates inflammatory diseases by reducing the recruitment of tissue-infiltrating leukocytes. However, it is not known if angiogenesis has anExpand
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Inflammatory neovascularization during graft-versus-host disease is regulated by αv integrin and miR-100.
Acute graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) is a complex process involving endothelial damage and neovascularization. Better understanding of the pathophysiology of neovascularization during GvHD couldExpand
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Altered metabolism of phospholipids in the lung of rats with peritonitis
SummaryPulmonary alterations after shock and sepsis, described clinically as shock lung or adult respiratory distress syndrome, are of great importance in intensive care. Pathogenetically anExpand
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Morphologie und Röntgenbild der Rattenlunge bei der experimentellen Lungenkontusion
Die Deutung postoperativer und posttraumatischer morphologischer Lungenveranderungen kann anhand eines Rontgenbildes schwierig sein. Hinter den Begriffen wie Atelektase, Infiltrationen undExpand
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Prospective study of the incidence of ultrasound-detected hepatic hematomas 2 and 24 hours after percutaneous liver biopsy.
Recently, a high incidence of hepatic hematomas following percutaneous liver biopsy was reported. This induced us to undertake this prospective ultrasound examination before, as well as 2 and 24 hExpand
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A preclinical acute GVHD mouse model based on chemotherapy conditioning and MHC-matched transplantation
Animal disease models have been criticized for lack of resemblance to human illnesses, hampering transfer of knowledge from preclinical research to clinical medicine. In the field of allogeneicExpand
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Hepatitis C coinfection enhances sensitization of CD4(+) T-cells towards Fas-induced apoptosis in viraemic and HAART-controlled HIV-1-positive patients.
BACKGROUND Recently, we identified increased rates of CD4(+) T-cell apoptosis in HCV-infected HIV-positive patients as a potential mechanism for enhanced mortality in patients with HIV/HCVExpand
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[Prevention of edema during coronary perfusion with cardioplegic solution (author's transl)].
In arrested and with cardioplegic solutions perfused rabbit hearts the relation of perfusion-pressure and flow rate were examined, showing that edema of the myocardium can be avoided even usingExpand
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Lymphangiogenesis is a feature of acute GVHD, and VEGFR-3 inhibition protects against experimental GVHD.
Lymph vessels play a crucial role in immune reactions in health and disease. In oncology the inhibition of lymphangiogenesis is an established therapeutic concept for reducing metastatic spreading ofExpand
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Painless Acute Pancreatitis Mimicking Pancreatic Carcinoma
Painful acute pancreatitis masking pancreatic carcinoma and painless acute pancreatitis with shock or coma as leading symptoms have been described before. We report a first case of almost-painlessExpand
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