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Blackwell Companion to Phonology
"The Companion to Phonology" will be the major reference work of the field, drawing together nearly 150 contributions from almost all of the globally recognized, leading scholars in an estimatedExpand
A grammar of Slave
Segment structure and coronal underspecification
Ponapean, Catalan and English provide strong evidence that the Coronal node must be absent in underlying representation, and thus the NAC does not force the presence of a Coronal nodes. Expand
On deriving sonority: a structural account of sonority relationships *
An examination of various kinds of relationships between consonants within a cluster (sonority, place, stricture), exploring the types of relationships that hold between the consonants and a formal definition of these relationships. Expand
Morpheme Order and Semantic Scope: Word Formation in the Athapaskan Verb
The scopal hypothesis and simplifying the lexicon, an introduction to the functional elements, and the ordering of functional items, which show global uniformity and local variability: a possible account. Expand
Contrast in phonology: overview
The notion of contrast is central to linguistic theory. In this brief overview, we will survey some of the ways that contrast has been expressed in phonological theory, and outline some of theExpand
Default variability: The coronal-velar relationship
  • K. Rice
  • Computer Science
  • 1 August 1996
It is argued that, under most conditions, coronals and velars result from a single representation, a Place node with no dependent, and a phonologically unmarked place of articulation is thus realizable as either coronal or velar. Expand
Ethical Issues In Linguistic Fieldwork: An Overview
Ethical issues in linguistic fieldwork have received surprisingly little direct attention in recent years. This article reviews ethical models for fieldwork and outlines the responsibilities ofExpand