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Hedonic shopping motivations
Abstract Given the increasing importance of entertainment as a retailing strategy, this study identifies a comprehensive inventory of consumers’ hedonic shopping motivations. Based on exploratoryExpand
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Hedonic and utilitarian shopping value: Investigating differential effects on retail outcomes
Abstract Previous research on both hedonic and utilitarian shopping value has focused much effort on the antecedents of shopping value with very little emphasis on the outcomes of shopping value.Expand
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Customer benefits and company consequences of customer-salesperson relationships in retailing
Building customer relationships is a top priority in many firms. This study examines the benefits customers receive from relationships with clothing/accessories salespeople. We found thatExpand
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Understanding the Customer Base of Service Providers: An Examination of the Differences between Switchers and Stayers
Creating and maintaining customer loyalty has become a strategic mandate in today's service markets. Recent research suggests that customers differ in their value to a firm, and therefore customerExpand
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Customer-sales associate retail relationships
Abstract We examine one-on-one relationships between customers and sales associates, which we refer to as relationship selling to differentiate it from relationship marketing, using a qualitativeExpand
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The Positive and Negative Effects of Switching Costs on Relational Outcomes
Research increasingly suggests the importance of switching costs in customer retention strategies. However, research on the downstream effects of different types of switching costs is lacking. ThisExpand
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Customer delight in a retail context: investigating delightful and terrible shopping experiences
Abstract The concept of delight is of great interest to practitioners who understand that to keep customers loyal, a firm must go beyond merely satisfying to truly delighting them [Bus. Mark. Dig. 17Expand
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The product-specific nature of impulse buying tendency
Abstract Previous studies have treated the impulse buying tendency as a generalized consumer trait consistent across product categories. This study extends previous conceptualizations and treatsExpand
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Online Shopper Motivations, and e-Store Attributes: An Examination of Online Patronage Behavior and Shopper Typologies
e-Stores and online shopping have become important aspects of a retailer's strategy. Previous research suggests that online shoppers are fundamentally different from traditional offline shoppers.Expand
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Determinants of internet auction success and closing price: An exploratory study
Although auctions have been examined extensively in economics, and to some degree in marketing, on-line auctions are only beginning to receive research attention. Further, in both economics andExpand
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