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Spectroscopic investigation of U(VI) sorption at the calcite-water interface
The interaction of U(VI) species with the calcite surface in pre-equilibrated calcite suspensions at pH 7.4 and 8.3 and P(CO2) = 10−3.5 bar was characterized in situ using extended X-ray absorptionExpand
Reversible swelling of the cell wall of poplar biomass by ionic liquid at room temperature.
Time-resolved autofluorescence, Raman microspectroscopy, and scanning microprobe X-ray diffraction were combined in order to characterize lignocellulosic biomass from poplar trees and how it changesExpand
Effects of Solvent Viscosity on Protein Dynamics: Infrared Vibrational Echo Experiments and Theory
The influence of solvent viscosity on the surface and internal structural dynamics of the protein myoglobin is studied using ultrafast infrared vibrational echo measurements of the pure dephasing ofExpand
Site-specific incorporation of uranyl carbonate species at the calcite surface
Abstract Spatially resolved luminescence spectra from U(VI) co-precipitated at the (1014) growth surface of synthetic calcite single crystals confirm heterogeneous incorporation corresponding to theExpand
Nitro group asymmetric stretching mode lifetimes of molecules used in energetic materials
Picosecond infrared pump-probe measurements of the vibrational relaxation of the nitro NO functional group 2 y1 . asymmetric stretch ; 1580 cm of several molecules used in energetic materials, TNAZ,Expand
Dynamics in globular proteins: vibrational echo experiments
Abstract The temperature-dependent vibrational pure dephasing of the CO stretching mode of carbonmonoxyhemoglobin (HbCO) in an ethylene glycol:water mixture is reported and compared to previouslyExpand
Sulfur-resistant and regenerable Ni/Co spinel-based catalysts for methane dry reforming
Oxide-supported metal catalysts were prepared by thermal impregnation of highly crystalline and highly-faceted starting spinels of the form (M0.75Mg0.25)Al2O4, where M = Ni, Co, or Cu and mixturesExpand
The first picosecond infrared vibrational echo experiments on a protein, myoglobin−CO, are described. These vibrational dephasing experiments examine the influence of protein dynamics on the COExpand
Vibrational anharmonicity and multilevel vibrational dephasing from vibrational echo beats
Vibrational echo experiments were performed on the IR active CO stretching modes (∼2000 cm−1) of rhodium dicarbonylacetylacetonate [Rh(CO)2acac] and tungsten hexacarbonyl [W(CO)6] in dibutylphthalateExpand
Targeted Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Nanosensors for Whole-Cell pH Imagery
A gold-core, silver-shell surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) nanosensor that has both a targeting component as well as a sensing component is demonstrated and is capable of targeting through the FcεRI receptor-mediated endocytic pathway. Expand