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Tamoxifen-loaded lecithin organogel (LO) for topical application: Development, optimization and characterization.
Lecithin organogels (LOs) are semi-solid systems with immobilized organic liquid phase in 3-D network of self-assembled gelators. This paper attempts to study the various attributes of LOs, startingExpand
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Systematically optimized biocompatible isotretinoin-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) for topical treatment of acne.
Isotretinoin (ITR) is a drug of choice in the treatment of all types of acne, including recalcitrant, severe and nodulocystic. The most widely employed route of its administration, i.e., oral intake,Expand
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Novel drug delivery systems in topical treatment of psoriasis: rigors and vigors.
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that may drastically impair the quality of life of a patient. Among the various modes of treatments for psoriasis, topical therapy is most commonlyExpand
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Conjugation of Docetaxel with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes and Codelivery with Piperine: Implications on Pharmacokinetic Profile and Anticancer Activity.
Nanotechnology-based drug products are emerging as promising agents to enhance the safety and efficacy of established chemotherapeutic molecules. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), especially multiwalled CNTsExpand
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Phospholipid microemulsion-based hydrogel for enhanced topical delivery of lidocaine and prilocaine: QbD-based development and evaluation
Abstract Topical delivery of local anesthetics has been an area of interest for researchers considering the barrier properties of skin and unfavorable physicochemical properties of drugs. In theExpand
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Improved therapeutic performance of dithranol against psoriasis employing systematically optimized nanoemulsomes
Despite marked antipsoriatic activity of dithranol (anthralin), the drug is quite infrequently employed in therapeutic practice owing to its strong propensity to cause skin problems like irritation,Expand
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Promises of a biocompatible nanocarrier in improved brain delivery of quercetin: Biochemical, pharmacokinetic and biodistribution evidences.
In various neurological disorders, antioxidants are frequently prescribed along with the specific treatment modalities. One such promising natural flavonoid is quercetin, offering better outcomesExpand
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Nano-lipoidal carriers of tretinoin with enhanced percutaneous absorption, photostability, biocompatibility and anti-psoriatic activity.
Tretinoin (TRE) is a widely used retinoid for the topical treatment of acne, psoriasis, skin cancer and photoaging. Despite unmatchable efficacy, it is associated with several vexatious side effectsExpand
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Topical Delivery of Aceclofenac: Challenges and Promises of Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Osteoarthritis (OA), a common musculoskeletal disorder, is projected to affect about 60 million people of total world population by 2020. The associated pain and disability impair the quality of lifeExpand
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C60-fullerenes for delivery of docetaxel to breast cancer cells: A promising approach for enhanced efficacy and better pharmacokinetic profile.
Docetaxel has always attracted the researchers owing to its promises and challenges. Despite marked efficacy, concerns like poor aqueous solubility, lower bioavailability, poor tissue penetration andExpand
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