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Estimated number of field stars toward Galactic globular clusters and Local Group Galaxies
Field star densities are estimated for 89 fields with /b/ greater than 10 degrees based on the Galaxy model of Bahcall and Soneira (1980, 1984; Bahcall et al. 1985). Calculated tables are presented
A Study of Nine High-Redshift Clusters of Galaxies. III. Hubble Space Telescope Morphology of Clusters 0023+0423 and 1604+4304*
We present a detailed morphological analysis of the galaxy populations in the first two clusters to be completed in an extensive observational study of nine high-redshift clusters of galaxies. These
The morphology of faint galaxies in Medium Deep Survey images using WFPC2
First results from Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Medium Deep Survey images taken with Wide Field/Planetary Camera-2 (WFPC2) demonstrate that galaxy classifications can be reliably performed to
Disk and Bulge Morphology of WFPC2 Galaxies: The HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE Medium Deep Survey
Quantitative morphological and structural parameters are estimated for galaxies detected in Hubble Space Telescope observations of WFPC2 survey fields. A modeling approach based on maximum likelihood
The Top 10 List of Gravitational Lens Candidates from the HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE Medium Deep Survey
A total of 10 good candidates for gravitational lensing have been discovered in the WFPC2 images from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Medium Deep Survey (MDS) and archival primary observations.
Evidence for Galaxy Interactions/Mergers from Medium Deep Survey WFPC2 Data
We examine the morphological and statistical properties of close galaxy pairs from two sets of 28 WFPC2 fields, acquired for the Medium Deep Survey (MDS) and the Groth-Westphal Survey (GWS) in F606W
The Hubble Space Telescope Medium Deep Survey Cluster Sample: Methodology and Data
We present a new, objectively selected, sample of galaxy overdensities detected in the Hubble Space Telescope Medium Deep Survey (MDS). These clusters/groups were found using an automated procedure