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Disrespectful and abusive treatment during facility delivery in Tanzania: a facility and community survey
Although qualitative studies have raised attention to humiliating treatment of women during labour and delivery, there are no reliable estimates of the prevalence of disrespectful and abusiveExpand
Defining disrespect and abuse of women in childbirth: a research, policy and rights agenda
PerspectivesIn the field of maternal and newborn health, there have been calls to prioritize the intra-partum period and promote facility delivery to meet maternal and newborn mortality reductionExpand
Role of condom negotiation on condom use among women of reproductive age in three districts in Tanzania
BackgroundHIV/AIDS remains being a disease of great public health concern worldwide. In regions such as sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) where women are disproportionately infected with HIV, women areExpand
Association Between Disrespect and Abuse During Childbirth and Women’s Confidence in Health Facilities in Tanzania
ObjectivesIn Tanzania, maternal mortality is high and coverage with health facility delivery low, despite efforts to reduce barriers to utilization. Disrespect and abuse during childbirth has notExpand
Methods used in prevalence studies of disrespect and abuse during facility based childbirth: lessons learned
BackgroundSeveral recent studies have attempted to measure the prevalence of disrespect and abuse (D&A) of women during childbirth in health facilities. Variations in reported prevalence may beExpand
Eliminating obstetric fistula: Progress in partnerships
Obstetric fistula persists in the developing world due to poor access to obstetric care. It has been overlooked in the past, as the women suffering from fistula often live on the fringe of societyExpand
The Tanzania Connect Project: a cluster-randomized trial of the child survival impact of adding paid community health workers to an existing facility-focused health system
BackgroundTanzania has been a pioneer in establishing community-level services, yet challenges remain in sustaining these systems and ensuring adequate human resource strategies. In particular, theExpand
Mentorship and coaching to support strengthening healthcare systems: lessons learned across the five Population Health Implementation and Training partnership projects in sub-Saharan Africa
BackgroundDespite global efforts to increase health workforce capacity through training and guidelines, challenges remain in bridging the gap between knowledge and quality clinical practice andExpand
Staff experiences of providing maternity services in rural southern Tanzania – a focus on equipment, drug and supply issues
BackgroundThe poor maintenance of equipment and inadequate supplies of drugs and other items contribute to the low quality of maternity services often found in rural settings in low- andExpand
Data-driven quality improvement in low-and middle-income country health systems: lessons from seven years of implementation experience across Mozambique, Rwanda, and Zambia
BackgroundWell-functioning health systems need to utilize data at all levels, from the provider, to local and national-level decision makers, in order to make evidence-based and needed adjustments toExpand