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Combined use of stereospecific deuteration, NMR, distance geometry, and energy minimization for the conformational analysis of the highly .delta. opioid receptor selective peptide
Comparison of 'H and "C NMR parameters for the cyclic, conformationally restricted, 6 opioid receptor selective enkephalin analogue Tyr-D-Pen-Gly-Phe-WPen ((~-Pen~,~-Pen~)enkephalin, DPDPE) inExpand
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Conformational studies of anionic melittin analogues: Effect of peptide concentration, pH, ionic strength, and temperature—models for protein folding and halophilic proteins
Melittin (MLT), a 26‐residue cationic (net charge +5 at pH 7.2) peptide from bee venom, is well known to be a monomeric, approximately random coil; but when its charges are reduced by titration, byExpand
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Conformational changes in melittin upon complexation with an anionic melittin analog
Melittin and its Glu‐(7,21,22,23,24) analog upon mixing in equimolar concentrations form a hybrid oligomer with significant helical structure, in conditions in which each peptide separately adopts aExpand
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Prophenoloxidase and its activation in Paraplerurus sauridae (Digenea: Hemiuridae).
Electrophoretic studies on the phenol oxidase of Paraplerurus sauridae indicated that the enzyme exists in multiple forms. Based upon the difference in the electrophoretic pattern before and afterExpand
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Specificity of the enzyme phenoloxidase and possible metabolic pathway of sclerotization in Paraplerurus sauridae.
Activity of phenoloxidase in Paraplerurus sauridae on various substrates has been studied spectrophotometrically. The enzyme was shown to be nonspecific and capable of oxidizing both mono- andExpand
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Activation of prophenol oxidase in the liver fluke Fasciola gigantica Cobbold.
Activation of prophenol oxidase of Fasciola gigantica has been demonstrated using biochemical and electrophoretic techniques. Based on the difference in the electrophoretic pattern of the proenzymeExpand
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Stabilization of helix by side-chain interactions in histatin-derived peptides: role in candidacidal activity.
Candida albicans is an opportunistic pathogen prevalent in AIDS patients and oral candidiasis. Azolebased drugs are currently used in the treatment of candidiasis. Histidine-rich peptidesExpand
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Electrophoretic study of the enzyme phenoloxidase from the enzyme gland in the foot of Perna viridis Linnaeus
Abstract The enzyme phenoloxidase from the enzyme gland in the foot of Perna viridis Linnaeus 1758 has been characterized electrophoretically. After fractionation, the gels were incubated in variousExpand
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Comparative studies on cuticular and blood phenol oxidases of a shore crab ocypod platytarsis.
AbstractThe properties of blood and cuticular phenol oxidases of Ocypod platytarsis have been studied. The blood phenol oxidase exists in the form of proenzyme. The blood phenol oxidase differs fromExpand
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