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The role of pharmacists in the delivery of influenza vaccinations.
Allowing pharmacists to provide vaccinations is associated with higher influenza vaccination rates for individuals aged 65 years and older. Expand
Parathyroid Hormone (1–84) and Treatment of Osteoporosis
PTH (1-84%), when given intermittently as a subcutaneous injection, appears to be a safe and efficacious treatment option for osteoporosis. Expand
Impact of a dual PharmD/MBA degree on graduates' academic performance, career opportunities, and earning potential.
Students enrolled in the dual-degree program did slightly better academically than students who completed only the MBA or PharmD programs and indicated a high level of satisfaction with the program. Expand
A peer review process for classroom teaching.
The process of developing and implementing a peer-evaluation process for classroom teaching was found to be beneficial for faculty members, and the survey results affirmed the need and continuation of such a process. Expand
Non‐estrogen treatments for osteoporosis An evidence‐based review
Supporting bone health is fundamental to patient care and must continue throughout life to prevent the fractures that are so often the devastating consequences of osteoporosis.
Olanzapine-Induced Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Clinicians should monitor blood glucose concentrations periodically in patients taking olanzapine, especially in those patients with risk factors for diabetes mellitus, especially after a 46-year-old African American woman who developed diabetic ketoacidosis was diagnosed with DKA and acute pancreatitis. Expand
The Need for PGY2‐Trained Clinical Pharmacy Specialists
This commentary articulates the need for postgraduate year two (PGY2)‐trained clinical specialists within the health care system by discussing various clinical and policy rationales, interprofessional support, economic justifications, and their impact on quality of care and drug safety. Expand
Assessment of patient knowledge of diabetic goals, self-reported medication adherence, and goal attainment
The majority of patients with diabetes did not reach goals and were unknowledgeable of goals; however, most were provided prescriptions to treat these parameters. Expand
Patient care interventions by pharmacy students in the intensive care unit.
The effect on patient outcomes of including pharmacists as members of a multidisciplinary team in a hospital setting and preventing adverse drug reactions (ADRs) is well established. Expand
Survey of Colleges of Pharmacy to Assess Preparation for and Promotion of Residency Training
Many of the US colleges and schools of pharmacy reported structured activities or programs that promote residency training to students, and in addition, informal programs or informational sessions varying in scope and content were offered by many universities to prepare students for residency training. Expand