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Epitaxial BiFeO3 Multiferroic Thin Film Heterostructures
Enhanced polarization and related properties in heteroepitaxially constrained thin films of the ferroelectromagnet, BiFeO3, and combined functional responses in thin film form present an opportunity to create and implement thin film devices that actively couple the magnetic and ferroelectric order parameters.
Physics of ferroelectrics : a modern perspective
During the past two decades, revolutionary breakthroughs have occurred in the understanding of ferroelectric materials, both from the perspective of theory and experiment. First principles
Physics of thin-film ferroelectric oxides
This review covers important advances in recent years in the physics of thin-film ferroelectric oxides, the strongest emphasis being on those aspects particular to ferroelectrics in thin-film form.
Strain Tuning of Ferroelectric Thin Films
Predictions and measurements of the effect of biaxial strain on the properties of epitaxial ferroelectric thin films and superlattices are reviewed. Results for single-layer ferroelectric films of
Crystal structures and shape-memory behaviour of NiTi
It is proposed that the memory of NiTi is stored primarily at the micro-structural level: this eliminates the need for two separate mechanisms in describing the two-way shape-memory effect.
Modern Physics of Ferroelectrics: Essential Background
Principles of ferroelectricity and information about ferroelectric materials and their applications are reviewed. The characterization of ferroelectric behavior through measurement of electrical
Ab initio Study of the Phase Diagram of Epitaxial BaTiO3
Using a combination of first-principles and effective-Hamiltonian approaches, we map out the structure of BaTiO3 under epitaxial constraints applicable to growth on perovskite substrates. We obtain a
First-principles study of spontaneous polarization in multiferroic BiFeO 3
The ground-state structural and electronic properties of ferroelectric BiFeO 3 are calculated using density functional theory within the local spin-density approximation sLSDAd and the LSDA+U method.