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Effect of essential oil of Chromoleana odorata (Asteraceae) from Ivory Coast, on cyclooxygenase function of prostagladin-H synthase activity.
The chemical composition of essential oils of this plant have been used in the treatment of malaria in Ghana and Benin and as cataplasms to stop accidental hemorrhages in Thailand. Expand
Antibacterial properties studies of trunk barks of Terminalia ivorensis, a commercial and medicinal species on some methicillin-resistant Staphylococci species strains.
The in-vitro antibacterial efficacy shown by the barks of this plant and his lushness in chimical compounds, would justify use of this one in the traditional treatment of some diseases of microbial origin. Expand
Acute toxicity study and effects of sesame (Sesamum radiatum) aqueous leaf extract on rabbit's electrocardiogram
The aqueous leaf extract has a low toxicity which permits its uses by populations and could have many pharmacological properties justifying its traditional use to treat many diseases including cardiovascular diseases and childbirth complications. Expand