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Effect of chemical structure and network formation on physical properties of di(cyanate ester) thermosets.
Key physical properties of three dicyanate ester monomers, bisphenol A dicyanate (BADCy), bisphenol E dicyanate (LECy), and the dicyanate of a silicon-containing analogue of bisphenol A (SiMCy) wereExpand
Synthesis, cure kinetics, and physical properties of a new tricyanate ester with enhanced molecular flexibility
Abstract 1,2,3-Tris(4-cyanatophenyl)propane, a new tricyanate ester monomer that was designed to incorporate more flexible chemical linkages at junction points in the cured macromolecular network,Expand
Silicon‐containing trifunctional and tetrafunctional cyanate esters: Synthesis, cure kinetics, and network properties
Abstract : The synthesis and physical properties of new silicon-containing polyfunctional cyanate ester monomers tris(4-cyanatophenyl)methylsilane and tetrakis(4-cyanatophenyl)silane, as well asExpand
High Temperature Composite Resins: Re-Writing the Rules for Thermosetting Polymers
Abstract : This is a presentation for the the SAMPE High Desert Conference, about high temperature composite resins and re-writing the rules for thermosetting polymers.
Renewable thermosetting resins and thermoplastics from vanillin
Two cyanate ester resins and a polycarbonate thermoplastic have been synthesized from vanillin. The bisphenol precursors were prepared by both an electrochemical route as well as by a McMurryExpand
High Tg thermosetting resins from resveratrol
The tricyanate esters of the natural product resveratrol (1) and dihydroresveratrol (2) were synthesized and subjected to thermal curing which gave polycyanurate network polymers which exhibitedExpand
Hansen Solubility Parameters for Octahedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes
The Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) for several polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) compounds were successfully determined, demonstrating the applicability of the HSP approach for selectedExpand
Effects of o-Methoxy Groups on the Properties and Thermal Stability of Renewable High-Temperature Cyanate Ester Resins
Renewable phenols derived from biomass sources often contain methoxy groups that alter the properties of derivative polymers. To evaluate the impact of o-methoxy groups on the performanceExpand
A new room‐temperature liquid, high‐performance tricyanate ester
A new tricyanate ester monomer of a tris(4-hydroxyphenyl)benzene derivative was synthesized in 6-steps with a 63% overall yield. The geminal substitution of phenyl rings on ethane, in addition to theExpand
New Insights into Structure-Property Relationships in Thermosetting Polymers from Studies of Co-Cured Polycyanurate Networks (Preprint)
Studies of the physical properties of the cocured networks formed from three similar dicyanate ester monomers revealed a number of unexpected variations from simple linear mixing rules. TheseExpand